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Delivering a step change in personal effectiveness

Why Coaching?

Coaching is conducted to help people be effective in addressing the challenges they face and in achieving their stated performance goals. The measure of success is the client’s view of increased performance effectiveness or improved ability to tackle challenges or increased clarity of purpose resulting from the coaching. Research shows that coaching delivers a step change in effectiveness.

My coaching approach is tailored to individual clients, not “off the shelf”, with an emphasis on conversation rather than coaching tools. Coaching was the defining characteristic of my style in 20 years of managing multi disciplinary teams and in and contributing to development and mentoring programmes. I am a full member of the Association for Coaching.

Brian Miller

Professional Coaching


Drawing on many years experience of working with and “upward managing” senior executives in business, this coaching is informal in style and specifically designed around the needs and schedule of the executive. Likely to be conducted over a 6-12 month period, the executive is provided with a fully confidential, independent and objective perspective to challenge any entrenched thinking and offer new possibilities for consideration.

Managers & Supervisors

A structured series of coaching conversations designed to address the particular challenges being faced by the manager or supervisor. Especially relevant in times of personal or organisational change, when taking up new team leadership positions, when delivering specific project activities or when promoting new initiatives within the business. The duration of the programme and frequency of sessions will depend upon the objectives and context.


A structured series of coaching sessions with teams focused on a common set of objectives. Coaching sessions may be with the whole team, specific sub-groups or individuals within the team as appropriate but always based on an initial collective assessment of the overall team challenges. Particularly relevant for new teams formed to tackle specific goals, teams being presented with new goals or challenges, teams in transition or with new leadership.

Personal Coaching

Career Development

Individual coaching sessions designed to generate clarity of thinking around objectives and options. These coaching conversations seek to break through barriers causing people to be ‘stuck’ in their thinking around career development and to provide confidence in actively pursuing a chosen path. Especially relevant for anyone with doubts about a potential opportunity or with a lack of overall career direction.

Personal Financial Management

Individual coaching for those concerned about effectively managing their personal financial affairs. Highly relevant in this time of economic austerity, clients may seek this coaching support in person or be referred through employee assistance or occupational health schemes. The coaching draws upon experience as a Chartered Accountant and of providing financial management support to individuals, charities and commercial organisations.

Strategic Mentoring

Individual mentoring designed to assist in prioritising or in the harnessing of new opportuntities and ideas. This form of coaching offers a 'sounding board' or alternative perspective to assist in optimising around a clear vision. Particularly relevant to people and businesses in start up mode or with a broad vision who may lack an 'in house' challenge to test and verify how best to proceed.

Coaching Expectations

What you can expect from me

In acting as a coach what you can expect of me is:

  • To be totally focused on what is possible to help you be most effective in addressing the issues being explored.
  • To provide you with a summary of conclusions, decisions and actions from each coaching session within a period of 2 days.
  • Complete confidentiality of all information discussed within coaching sessions.

What I expect from you

To maximise benefit what I need from you is:

  • To be frank and honest in your contributions to the coaching sessions.
  • To be committed to act on agreements made – do not agree to any actions you are not fully committed to taking!
  • To provide feedback on the usefulness of the coaching to allow this to be adjusted to best meet your needs.

Brian Miller



  • Worked in ‘coaching’ management style since 1995
  • Coach and mentor for BP Developing Leadership Potential programme
  • Graduated from JMW sponsored ‘Manager of the Future’ programme
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching
  • Full member of the Association for Coaching
  • Coached people in many organisations across different sectors

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